NEW BOOK: Apotheosis – Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm: Available from Waterstones

Potentially, the pandemic can serve as a portal between two worlds and what we must now ask ourselves is: how are we going to walk through it? Are we really dying, or is this an opportunity to be reborn? What ‘Apotheosis’ can offer is a way through the portal towards a new paradigm that is totally supportive.

Apotheosis is an epistolary novel in verse, consisting of 65 key-frame texts unfolding from 1988 to present day. Or depending upon how you wish to read the book, one can start in the 2020’s and go back-in-time to the innocence of 1988. Or then again one may simply wish to hold the book in one’s hands and flick to see which page falls open.

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PAGES New Voices: A Gathering of Artists’ Books Tour

Unknown-1In February my Artist’s Book: ‘Sequence’ was acquired at the 22nd Annual International Contemporary Artists Book Fair held at the Tetley in Leeds and is part of the PAGES New Voices collection of Artists’ Books, which has started a short tour of three Yorkshire venues at the Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance (Below).

PAGES is coordinated by artists and researchers John McDowall and Chris Taylor. Founded in 1998 and operating around the hub of an annual Artists’ Book Fair, the initiative has provided numerous and wide-ranging opportunities for the development and awareness of the book as primary medium in art practice. Manifestations such as exhibitions, workshops, open calls and curated projects have facilitated experimentation, dissemination and engagement for audience and makers. In 2019 in association with the Fair’s host venue, TheTetley, and with the support of Arts Council England, PAGES has under taken a series of major new projects.

Tetley Collection of Book Artists

ROAR, Rotherham:
Talk on Wednesday 13 March at 6.30.
The books will be on display until Thursday 21 March.

Doncaster Art Gallery & Museum:
Talk on Saturday March 23 at 11.00.
The books will be on display until Friday 29 March.

The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley:
Talk on Saturday 30 March at 11.00.
The books will be on display until Saturday 6 April