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NB: [Use the slider to scroll through the highlights.] ABOVE: Rare unedited behind-the-scenes footage of the day-long setting-up of ‘Catalyst IV – The Recycled Experience’ back in the early 1990’s, long before the advent of mobile phones, social media, email, internet, satelite or cable. In those days there were only four TV channels: BBC1, BBC2, ITV, and Channel 4, or the local pub to choose from.

On this particular night more people turned up to take part than had originally confirmed, therefore, another two warehouse rooms, which had been closed off, had to be opened up to accommodate the extra participants and their equipment / accessories.

One room, which was full of props and stuff was used as a back-stage prep area for the models and fashion designers, and the other was used as a live sound room, largely for ‘Echo City’ whom had a very large sound installation structure, which was a part of their performance piece. The downside was that this room was without electricity or lighting.

However, by the time the event was due to open, ‘Offshore State Circus’ and their team of people had run cables, hoisted lighting rigs, connected decks, freshly painted banners and miraculously made this room fully operational as a live music venue. (With grateful thanks)

This unedited footage documents the London youth culture of the 1990’s, and the transformation of an empty shell into a sell-out night, with fly-on-the-wall glimpses of back-stage fashion changes, models hair-and-make-up, band sound checks, DJ’s in-the-mix, the famous Fungus-Mungus Cafe, a Giro-scope, and much much more. ‘Catalyst IV’ took place on Saturday 30th October 1993, across four rooms (one backstage) and two floors at: ‘The Vox’, London, SW9, UK. 

More fly-on-the-wall-footage here:

Grateful thanks to: The Vox, Micheal Johnson, The Emperors New Clothes, Echo City, The Co-Creators, Heather Beverley, The Grateful-Dub, Offshore State Circus, Bongo and Offshore, Pronoia, Fungus Mungus, The Bagel Odeon, Sweetie, The Pumphouse, Ama Surplus, Spot-Co Lighting, Rodger, Gary Beelders, Chaz, Conscious Earthwear, Catweasle Recycled Clothing, Pacific Warriors, Eddie Love Chocolate, Roast-chicken-in-Dub, Gerry Rooney, Alexandra of Alexina Fashion, ReclaimNation Hats, Ama Surplus, Daryl Black, Headrush Gyroscope, Jerome of Planet Magazine for banners, Emsee projections, Ian, Colette, and many more.

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Many thanks.