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The Best of
i-Poem’s Blog:
1988 – 2021
by Cat Catalyst
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Above: book-jacket front cover (for hardcover edition)

i-Poem’s Blog was the official blog of Cat Catalyst for over a decade, featuring unique and original content spanning 33 years of writing and reflection, with many titles published in pamphlets, anthologies and poetry journals. Now the Best of  i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) is published as a comprehensive collection in one book, presenting 75 of the most popular titles as an epistolary novel comprised of modern verse. Both entertaining and provocative,  i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) attempts to assist with the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence, via a combination of interwoven real and fictional auto-ethnographic memories, that serve as a methodology for thought optimisation and as an infrastructure to challenge binary-thinking. Dedicated to Spiritual Troubadours, Chameleons, Starseeds and Light-Workers, i-Poem’s Blog (1988-2021) lays the foundations for a new improved paradigm that is more balanced, wholistic and supportive.

In the digital age of electronic media, the nontraditional aesthetic of ‘the blog’ has served as a forum for the shared space of the worldwide-word. Although seemingly unorthodox, the web-log medium has offered many new innovational critiques of the relationships between: producer and consumer / culture and society / consciousness and energy / the micro-personal and the macro-universal, presenting effective and pertinent solutions for radical social and spiritual reform. This is derived from a genuine desire to share ideas and be of assistance to humanity’s development, with an absence of ulterior motive, or agenda. Therefore, since the early 1990’s the platform of the blog has effectively facilitated a highly creative process that combines critical-thinking with conceptual art and free speech with instant publishing, possessing an immediacy that was not previously accessible to the individual. As a result of this creative process  i-Poem’s Blog (1988 – 2021) presents the reader with a new kind of Metaphysical Avant-Garde for the Millennial Age.

For when we consistently engage with our all-loving ‘I Am’ presence, we automatically generate new neurological-pathways that are in alignment with our sovereign identity, overwriting old outdated internal dialogues that no-longer serve. These new neurological pathways assist with cultivating a more compassionate internal-narrative, enabling one to respond in more loving and forgiving ways to any old memories and experiences from the past, that may have caused anxiety, and releases them. Thus expanding our emotional parameters of self-worth and self-love, enabling better discernment and abilities for critical thinking. As we begin to understand that we are all co-creators of our own realities, and that everything happens for our highest good, we start to hold space for others to acknowledge their own Sovereignty-equality as well.

As we collectively move forwards as a whole community, what we discover is a genuine desire to be of service to others, leaving any old self-serving habits behind safe in the knowledge that service-to-others is actually ‘service-to-ones-own-self’. For all beings are ‘One’ on the ‘Path of Love’; I am another You; You are another Me; and We are all ‘One’ with The Creator. 

Above: fold-out book jacket design (for hardcover edition only)

“For those of us who have become jaded regarding the often static-state of modern poetry this is a joy to discover a voice with such fearless clarity. Part 21st century troubadour and part artistic chameleon, Cat has created a hypnotic poetic vision that is quite literally a spiritual call to arms. Most of Cat’s work is connected directly to the state of humanity at this particular time in history, as well as how we do, or do not relate to one another. Cat’s poetry isn’t merely a social critique, it is also a formula for self-understanding that is quite expansive socially. As a multimedia artist, poet and performance artist, Cat’s method of delivery is deliberate, and she pulls no punches with the message she is sending to her reader. A mistress of words and images, her work captivated and inspired me, over time what I witnessed was the very open and on-going evolution of an artist as a work of art itself. This is a very brave act for any creative person; to candidly display the machinations of the creative process through each piece of art they share”.  — Val Russell, Managing Editor of Tuck Magazine (2011 – 2019).

iPoem’s Blog: 1988 – 2021
Jacketed Case Laminate: ISBN: 9781739933210
Perfect Bound: ISBN: 9781739933203

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I would like to thank everyone who bought the recent limited edition of ‘Apotheosis’, which was produced in response to a brief set by the Royal College of Art and was part of their Research Biennale live stream in March earlier this year. This print run is now complete and was a valuable learning experience in book production and publishing that greatly assisted the birthing of this publication.

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