Apotheosis – Coming Soon

Apotheosis: Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm: utilises the medium of spoken word, as a form of mental architecture, to assist with the building of emotional and spiritual infrastructures that facilitate growth, expansion and an authentic alignment with one’s inner-sovereignty. Available from most online bookshops from 21st February 2021: for more info please visit: https://catcatalyst.co.uk/apotheosis/

Storytelling with Dawn Ellis

As an actor and storyteller, sometime writer, broadcaster and inveterate liar Dawn has told stories all her life. Dawn sees stories as the spice in our daily life and the bedrock of culture – stories are the lens through which we experience our lives. She is a compelling storyteller, inhabiting her characters, as she performs traditional Myths and Fairy tales publicly and privately, or wherever she finds a carelessly opened door. This autumn and winter she is performing at Pentameters Theatre Hampstead, Surrey Storytellers and Putney Waterstones. In the guise of After Dinner Storyteller (London)‚ she spends the winters infiltrating homes, inviting participants to curl up in front of the fire, and sip hot toddies, while she treats them to traditional folk, ghost and seasonal stories. She is inspired by nature and the elements, and spends August in Greece, spinning tales with friends under a star-strewn Mediterranean sky. Dawn will be story telling on Saturday evening.