Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm

Coming to an outlet near you soon, launching 21st February 2021, please watch this space….

Apotheosis: Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm regards Nature as the real economy, where the currency of Life is sacred.

Apotheosis, (which means: a perfect example), utilises the shared space of the word as a form of mental architecture, to rebuild ones spiritual and emotional infrastructures, so that one may re-discover how to make whole-minded choices – how to extend empathy and compassion – how to care for Planet Earth – and how to maintain one’s alignment with one’s inner-sovereignty, by challenging binary-thinking with regards to knowledge-production between civilisation and culture – mind and matter, to encompass the Natural World, not merely as an eco-feminist statement, but as a methodology for thought-optimisation and for restoring the divine sacred feminine into society.

Apotheosis is a portal for a world in crisis with an opportunity for being reborn.

Cat Catalyst says: “The self-archival of memories, thoughts, feelings and ideas, either fictional or non-fictional, through the process of writing, sifting and editing has always connected me with a highly-vocal inner-voice and with a sense of a true-identity. These temporal moments of self-documentation have at one-time-or-another, provided a sense of sanctuary and refuge through the achieving of greater clarity. And this is what I hope to share with my reader”.

Apotheosis consists of 158 pages and 65 key-frame texts that follow a timeline beginning in 1988, leading up to the unprecedented historic changes occurring in 2020. Or depending upon how you wish to read the book – one can start in 2020 and go back-in-time to 1988. Or then again one may wish to simply hold the book in ones hands and flick to see which page falls open.

Available from: 21st February 2021

“For those of us who have become jaded regarding the often static-state of modern poetry this is a joy to discover a voice with such fearless clarity.

Part 21st century troubadour and part artistic chameleon, Cat Catalyst has created a hypnotic poetic vision that is quite literally a spiritual call to arms.

Most of Cat Catalyst’s work is connected directly to the state of humanity at this particular time in history, as well as how we do, or do not relate to one another.

Cat Catalyst’s poetry isn’t merely a social critique, it is also a formula for self-understanding that is quite expansive socially.

As a multimedia artist, poet and performance artist, Cat Catalyst’s method of delivery is deliberate, and she pulls no punches with the message she is sending to her reader.

A mistress of words and images, her work captivated and inspired me, over time what I witnessed was the very open and on-going evolution of an artist as a work of art itself.

This is a very brave act for any creative person; to candidly display the machinations of the creative process through each piece of art they share”. — Val Russell, Tuck Magazine.


If you have found any of Cat Catalyst’s writing helpful or uplifting at any point in time please consider making a donation.


With grateful thanks and appreciation.

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