CAT CATALYST is a London born, artist, designer, book-artist, author, poet, writer, curator, post-grad researcher and deep-thinker, with a particular interest in the redemptive potential of art, installation and the spoken word to activate / elevate / accelerate human consciousness. 

Previously, Cat’s Artist Book: Sequence (2019) was acquired by the Special Collections of Artist’s Books at The British LibraryThe Wellcome LibraryThe Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths University | PAGES Artist’s Book Collective housed at the Tetley Arts Center in Leeds, and is part of their travelling collection of Artists Books. 

Cat has also written occasional articles for the British Library’s ‘Artists Books Now’ events, and has published in The Blue Notebook and the Book Arts News Letter. Cat is also an exhibiting artist and an eco-feminist poet. Previous works have been featured at Late at TateThe London Eye and  Art on the London Underground at Baker Street Tube.

The recent limited edition of ‘Apotheosis’ (2021) was produced in response to a brief set by the Royal College of Art and was part of their Research Biennale live stream in the Spring. This print run was a valuable pre-cursor and research experience in both book-publishing and production that has greatly assisted the consolidation of lifelong bookwork entitled: iPoem’s Blog: 1988 – 2021 coming soon. 

Cat inherited the surname of ‘Catalyst’ back in the early 1990’s whilst organising a series of Arts and Wellbeing events (named Catalyst events) in London – UK and also in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. The purpose of these events was to raise an awareness of environmental issues through the creative use of recycled materials, promoting a sense of communal cohesion whilst providing the artists and designers with a platform for their work, which Cat has been doing on and off ever-since. The dictionary definition of a ‘Catalyst’ is: ‘an agent of change and transformation which does not become changed in the process’ thus enabling the retainment of one’s authenticity in order to serve as a conduit for universal truth, whilst staying true to the muse of inspiration. 

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