I am an artist, writer, designer, public speaker and event curator generally known by the name of ‘Cat Catalyst’ with a peculiar hankering to be of service to assist personal and planetary healing.

I inherited the surname ‘Catalyst’ in the 90’s due to organising multiple environmental arts events entitled ‘Catalyst’ in London, UK and also Sydney and Brisbane, Australia with the purpose of promoting community cohesion and environmental awareness which I have been doing on and off since 1991.

The dictionary definition of a Catalyst is an ‘agent of change and transformation’ that does not become changed in the process, so technically I can retain my authenticity and stay true to the muse of inspiration.

I am also a published poet and exhibiting artist. I am currently working on a new book entitled Heartfelt Mind which I hope to finish in time to launch at my next event in October 2017.

I also have a forthcoming solo show of photography in London 2018 which I shall publicise further down the line.

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