Calibrate – A PoêManifesto

Calibrate – A PoêManifesto by Cat Catalyst, reading from the new collection: Apotheosis – Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm, originally broadcast as a livestream for the RCA Research Biennale 2021

APOTHEOSIS – POEMS AND MANIFESTOS FOR A NEW PARADIGM IS NOW AVAILABLE FROM >> Amazon UK | Waterstones | Without Books USA | Amazon FR | Donner NL | Amazon IT | Tanum Oslow | takealot South Africa | Amazon JPN | Booktopia AUS <<

Potentially, what the pandemic can serve as, is a portal between two worlds; the old and the new; what isn’t working and what is, so what we must now ask ourselves is: how are we going to walk through it? Are we really dying, or is this an opportunity to be reborn anew, reawakened, restored to wholeness? What ‘Apotheosis’ can offer is a way to navigate through the portal, acknowledging the journey that brought us to this juncture in time and letting go of what no longer serves, making room for the new and improved, building a new paradigm that is totally supportive.

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