NEW BOOK: Apotheosis – Poems and Manifestos for a New Paradigm: Available from Amazon and Waterstones

Potentially, the pandemic can serve as a portal between two worlds and what we must now ask ourselves is: how are we going to walk through it? Are we really dying, or is this an opportunity to be reborn? What ‘Apotheosis’ can offer is a way through the portal towards a new paradigm that is totally supportive.

Apotheosis is an epistolary novel in verse, consisting of 65 key-frame texts unfolding from 1988 to present day. Or depending upon how you wish to read the book, one can start in the 2020’s and go back-in-time to the innocence of 1988. Or then again one may simply wish to hold the book in one’s hands and flick to see which page falls open.

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