Addiction: Self-love Vs Self-harm

Cultivating self-love will help one to see through the many layers of illusions and distractions that form what we perceive to be our outer-reality, because these illusions cause a disconnect from Source-Energy that can cause us to see ourselves as less-than the direct-extensions-of-Source Energy that we are, deserving of the best that life can offer.  If we feel undeserving for any reason at all, we may feel a ‘disconnect’ from Source-Energy as a need to bypass any feelings of resistance to feel reconnected again as soon as possible. This ‘resistance’ is our notification from Source-Energy that one’s inner-alignment needs work. 

The problem is, if one is too busy self-medicating with substances to cover over the disconnect; irrespective of whether the substance is sugar, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, diazepam, sleeping pills, pain killers, antidepressants, skunk, nitrous oxide, ecstasy, speed, cocaine, heroin, ketamine, adrenochrome, DMT, ayahuasca, or something else, then the more removed an individual becomes from being able to align for their own self inwardly, through the correct use of one’s own mind and the more dependent a person becomes upon various combinations of substances to manufacture an alignment with Source-Energy. The more dependent a person becomes upon the manufactured effect (or effects), the less able an individual is maintain their inner-alignment naturally.

Furthermore, once the manufactured effect becomes habitual, the product becomes less and less effective. This is because the manufactured effect is only ‘temporary’, as the desired feeling of inner-wellbeing and connection is being generated externally, as opposed to being generated and maintained internally, via an authentic alignment with Source-Energy (through the correct use of one’s mind). 

The more one forsakes one’s natural alignment with Source-Energy in preference of a manufactured alignment, the more dependence for establishing this connection is placed outside of oneself. Authentic alignment with Source-Energy can only be generated from within one’s own mind energetically, because alignment is a non-physical connection.

Various products may show an individual a fleeting glimpse, demonstrating a ‘way-in’ to the feeling of connection that is being sought, but once a person has been ‘shown’, then it is up to the individual to do this for their own self from that point onwards, and to resist the temptation to keep returning to the product.

If a person keeps returning and relying upon a particular product to manufacture a feeling of alignment and wellbeing, the more fleeting the window into that feeling becomes, and the more quantity and frequency of dose is required to recreate the ‘feeling’ of connection again and again. Also the less tolerable it becomes for the individual to be without their substance of choice, to the extent that the user cannot imagine their life without it. This is because one’s alignment with Source-Energy, and the desired feeling for inner-connection, is not being sustained from within creating a ‘Catch-22’ cycle of external dependancy. 

The danger with repeated over-usage of a manufactured product to replicate inner feelings of wellbeing, connectedness and alignment, is that it not only becomes a health-risk but it also becomes life-threatening. This is when a person risks accidentally over-dosing, causing serious health crises and even death, simply by ignoring the innocence of the body and continuing to treat it like a consumer product, an object, or a machine, expecting the body to always bounce-back. Normalised habitual use often means taking too much and / or mixing incompatible substances together, whereby a person can lose contact with their outer-physical form in pursuit of an inner-connection via external methods. It’s a fine line and one that must be acutely observed as its potentially life-threatening.

This holds true even when the desired connection is via natural plant derivatives, because it is still an external method of establishing an inner connection. One’s inner-alignment with Source-Energy is only sustainable when it is achieved through the correct use of one’s mind, (self-love), otherwise the boundaries between physical energy and nonphysical energy can become blurred. 

Lynne Yun-Kevin: Yeh-Code x Glitch Type

The point of an addiction is that it is repeated harmful use of a substance, as in substance abuse, therefore, by default, all addictions through habitual use means that it is only a matter of time before the organic flesh body will fail, resulting either in a serious health condition, (such as heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, urinary tract and bladder problems, incontinence, memory loss, hallucinations and others) or, premature death. All addicts think that they are in control and all addicts think that they will will never die, or get sick. This is a misconception. What one needs to understand is that all forms of addiction are forms of self-harm, harming the body in an attempt to escape from the self (the mind). 

Being responsible for one’s own alignment with Source-Energy, and not dependent upon some outside factor to get one there, is what it means to become an empowered individual. 

Accountability means ‘taking back’ one’s own power for ‘feeling good’ on a daily basis, rather than ‘giving away’ one’s power to outside substances, conditions, situations, places, people, or things, as all that does is make feeling good ‘conditional’ upon outside conditions, the variables of which are beyond one’s mortal control and manipulation. 

It also helps to understand that one’s primary identity consists of nonphysical energy. Everyone consists of both physical and nonphysical energy. The nonphysical energy is often referred to as the soul, which constitutes one’s inner reality of thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs and intentions. This nonphysical energy can never die as energy cannot expire or be destroyed, it can only change form. Bodies on the other hand are mortal, the deteriorate and expire. Therefore, the inner-extension-of-Source-Energy part of who we all are, can only keep transitioning between physical and nonphysical states of being. However, the pain of separation from Source-Energy, the Source-of-All-Creation (of which we are direct extensions), is what causes the desire to seek union though quick-fix substances, and / or serial relationships, in order to feel connected and complete again. Alignment with Source-Energy immediately maintains this union of connectivity and feeling good.

Surrendering to a regular practice of inner mindful alignment with Source-Energy enables one to feel good all-of-the-time, without the need for self-harm. 

Source-Energy’s 24/7 vibrational broadcast of pure unconditional Love is the purest form of energy in the Universe with which one can align. Regular alignment with Love’s Presence gently refocuses one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs in line with the natural Laws of the Universe, magnetising one’s heart’s desires without having to chase them, or manipulate outside conditions to fit with one’s desires.

Aligning with Source-Energy regularly means that even during ‘worst case scenarios’, one can still connect inwardly and not be fazed by any outer-chaos. It is a centring-mechanism that grounds an individual in self-love, self-worth and trust, that the universe is a safe place.

The real cosmic alchemy is only ever accessed from within, which can then be reflected outwardly, and not the other way around. Most people are too focused upon the outer world of form, busily trying to manipulate and control the world of form to fit their ideals. However everything in the world of manifest always starts as a wave form, a vibrational offering, generated from ones most frequent point of focus, which are ones default subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and the constant inner narrative in the background.

Everyone and everything has a vibrational signature, as we are all direct extensions of Source-Energy (the energy that literally creates worlds), and therefore we are all creators of our own realities, which we construct through how we utilise of our minds. Even when we are not aligned we are still creating by default through our unconscious feelings, thoughts, beliefs, intentions and desires. The point is to create desired realities, rather than undesired realities.

Becoming aware of Love’s Presence is like discovering the umbilical cord, direct uplink to the Source of Energy from whence one came, and if one commits to maintaining this connection and alignment regularly, then one’s outer reality simply follows suit to reflect ones inner-alignment with Source. It cannot happen the other way around. Source cannot alter its vibration to come down to your level and bring you up. We have to tune in with it. The good news though is that this broadcast is accessible to anyone, anywhere, from dawn to dusk, 24/7. The only thing one has to do, is remember that it is there, and commit to a regular practice of alignment. 

This might sound relatively simple but the truth is that in a world of electronic devices, EMF’s, ELF’s, microwave frequencies, multi-media illusions and distractions, from social-media platforms, to online dating, gaming, scripted reality TV, music channels, the movie industry, the advertising industry, 24 hour online shopping and home delivery, ever increasing apps to download, device upgrades, messaging mediums, hundreds of new channels, subscriptions, usernames and passwords, 24 hour news and political agendas: the sheer barrage of information and illusions that serve to occupy and distract, hardly anyone these days can hold their mental focus for longer than a seconds at a time, before losing it again. And what this means is that people find it near impossible to be alone with themselves in the absence of distractions. Therefore, what people do is reach for their distraction-of-choice to avoid being alone and face-to-face with ones feelings and also with ones internal dialogue, which can often be quite negative, even tyrannical.  (This is where self-love can be helpful, turning ones inner-critic into ones inner best-friend).

Thus, distraction becomes the crutch of addiction, without which people go into withdrawal in the face of neglected mental and emotional coping-mechanisms to deal with unwanted feelings, anxiety, memories of past experiences, etc., or what to do with oneself without a never-ending stream of likes to online shares.

Essentially, over the last fifteen years the public has been groomed to participate in a never-ending stream of antisocial-media, driven by questionable algorithms. The ego literally feeds and indulges itself with status updates and responses to selfies. The ego-self only perceives information in relation to-the-self that requires constant attention and validation from external sources, instead of ones self-validation coming from one’s alignment with Source-Energy.

Without alignment, the ego will constantly seek external self-validation to gratify its self-importance, serving as diversion-tactics away from dealing with, and getting to know one’s inner-self. This is why techniques such as meditation and mindfulness are not only helpful but also necessary, to silence the inner-narrative that is on constant replay.

When one aligns with Source-Energy, one also connects with one’s inner-sovereign identity, whereupon one is able to embrace the realisation that there is no one above us, and there is no one below us. This instils a sense of Sovereign-Equality with all beings. It establishes our divine right to be here, to exist, just as one is, no less that the trees or the stars, alongside everything else that exists, as a direct-extension-of-Source-Energy, which automatically removes any pressure of having to conform, establish importance, or behave in a certain way to fit in, to please, fulfil a role, or position. This realisation allows self-love to permeate into every level of ones life, enabling old patterns to simply fall away and dissolve as they are transmuted by a sense of inner-peace, serenity and wellbeing. 

When we consistently engage with our all-loving ‘I Am’ presence, we automatically generate new neurological-pathways that are in alignment with our sovereign identity, overwriting old outdated internal dialogues that no-longer serve. These new neurological pathways assist with cultivating a more compassionate internal-narrative, that enables one to respond in more loving and forgiving ways to any old memories and experiences from the past, that may have caused anxiety and releases them. This expands our emotional parameters of self-worth, self-love, what we allow ourselves to receive and how we interact, not just with other people but also with the environment. As we begin to understand that we are all co-creators of our own realities, and that everything happens for our highest good, we start to hold space for others to acknowledge their own Sovereignty-equality as well. 

“Every addiction arises from an unconscious refusal to face and move through your own pain. Every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain. Whatever the substance you are addicted to – alcohol, food, legal or illegal drugs, or a person – you are using something or somebody to cover up your pain.” – Eckhart Tolle 

Sept 2014:  Opiates, Iboga and the Roots of Self-Destruction :: Waking Times Magazine ::

Passage from: ‘Heart Felt Mind’ by Cat Catalyst, June 2017.
This post updated 2021.
© Cat Catalyst 2021.

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