Source-Energy and Expansion

It follows that if energy cannot be destroyed and it can only change form…

Then death must be an illusion

Because no-one can ever stop being a direct extension of Source-Energy

So technically nobody actually goes anywhere

Because one can only keep changing form, keep transitioning from state to state, in the process of evolving and expanding

A never-ending journey of growth and expansion on the path of becoming a master of alignment with Source-Energy

Where the material physical is conjured from the metaphysical spiritual

Learning to become a conscious creator, enjoying the process of manifesting the realities most desired through the correct use of ones heart-supported mind

For we are all made from the same stuff as Source-Energy, the energy that creates worlds

Made in God-Source-Energy’s own likeness, nothing new there, this we’ve always been told

But what own-likeness actually means is that we are all from the same mould, share a piece of the same immortal Soul

Therefore what one energetically extends, or withholds

To or from another manifested extension of Source-Energy

Via ones thoughts, feelings, deeds and intentions

One also magnetises or repels, to or from ones own self

And so this is why it is absolutely key

To embrace the concept of self-love and self-care with sincerity

As an essential way of better understanding ones true role as co-creator/curator

A way of extending genuine, authentic empathy and consideration

Not just for one another but also for the natural world

As a reflection of ones inner being; a holographic fragment of the All-There-Is

And all there is, is Love. The purest form of Energy with which one can align

The energetic signature of Source-Energy, sublime

Is Love without attachment to conditions

For the aim of being here is to raise ones energetic vibrational offering, in line

with the vibrational frequency of Source-Energy, divine

To love and accept oneself unconditionally

As much as Source-Energy loves every single one of us already

Vibrational alignment allows for a serendipitous synchronicitous energetic flow to magnetise ones hearts desires without effort, manipulation or control

Letting go of resistance and instead surrendering to faith, trust and confidence

No one can ever escape this natural Dharmic Khamic law of energy flow

As this source of Primordial Qi is actually ones primary identity

And also the reason for why we are all so inextricably, interconnected to everyone and with everything that exists and is alive

Because there is no ‘out there’, there is only within

And all manifested extensions of Source-Energy are all equally deserving

Of success, abundance, love and affection

However until one looks deep within the inner recesses of ones heart and mind one often winds up repeating

The same old patterns of fear, lack, unworthiness or greed, power, control and manipulation

And re-learning the same basic lessons of self-worth, social inclusion and cooperation

On the never-ending journey of expansion or resistance

Over and over, again and again

For ever and ever, and into infinity, Amen.

Heart-Supported Mind


Twilight is the inky blue-black, steely-cool lens of the logical mind

The rational left-hemisphere that’s always asking: Who? What? Where? When? And Why?

Generally, over-focusing 24-7 upon all the little things one should have said, or could have done

Inner-narratives on constant rewind, sometimes for years, decades or even lifetimes

Retrospective key frames in ones timeline robbed of fun

Completely oblivious or unaware, that one was born with a Right-Hemisphere

Offering an additional lens of self-compassion, via heart-supported mind

Like a prism of decision-making processes that are mutually beneficent and kind

Via a hemispherical union, of left and right, both online at the same time

Co-operating as a ‘Whole Mind’

Balancing the polarity of individuation via an authentic heart connection:

With each other, the natural world, the cosmos and ‘The All There Is’

As a direct extension of Source-Energy, each of us, a little piece of Primordial-Qi

A metaphysical integration, providing meaning, purpose and Inner-Peace

Awakening ones third-eye, that can scry a previously unknown spectrum

Discover a parallel dimension

Refracting the piercing white light of inner-sight

The other side of the rainbow crescent moon

‘Ways of Seeing’ – Solo Show of Photographic Prints @ The Hanbury Hall in Spitalfields

From Sunday 12th August 2018 I shall be featured in a month-long solo exhibition of photographic prints all of which were taken within a period of a year on my walks around London. It will be held in the upstairs gallery of The Hanbury Hall in Spitalfields, London.


The Hanbury Hall has a fascinating history that dates back to 1719. Originally built as a small Hugenot chapel, it has accommodated many different East London congregations over the years eventually becoming part of Christ Church in 1887. Charles Dickens was a regular visitor in the 1800s using the building for public readings of his works and in 1888 the Match Girls held their strike meetings here as they prepared to protest against working conditions at the nearby Bryant and May factory.

Hanbury Hall, 22 Hanbury St, London E1 6QR

Tel: 020 7377 6793

They also have a nice coffee shop and free WiFi.

Saturday 11am–6pm
Sunday 11am–6pm
Monday 8am–5pm
Tuesday 8am–5pm
Wednesday 8am–5pm
Thursday 8am–5pm
Friday 8am–5pm